Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now we're stuck with the white cups.......

"Huh?!?" was my response to Mikey's weird remark upon waking up this morning. I thought maybe he was still dreaming. So I ask him what he's talking about. "I was supposed to cut 2 water bottles in 1/2 for a science project". Guess who he blames it on that it didn't get done. ME!!!!!! Apparently it's my fault for going to the gym at 8pm. He had a 3 hr window to tell me "Hey Mom I have to do Blah, blah, blah". But no...He decides he's going to come home and sit on the computer(Homework gets done while in the after school program). Of course here comes mom to the rescue. After taking Stewie(our Maltipoo) out for his morning bathroom break I go thru our recyclables. YAY! I found 2 plastic water bottles. I cut them and stuck them in a plastic bag. Hmmmm....I wonder if he remembered to put it in his backpack?

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