Friday, May 21, 2010

"Where's that water coming from.....

You're crying" That's exactly what was going on with me while I was watching "Grey's Anatomy" Yes I know, I'm a night late. I was at Sheckys girls night out(more about it later) while this amazing season finale was being recorded on my DVR. This was by far the best greys season finale. From the 1st shooting(Reed) to the incredible speech Dr. Weber gave Mr. Clark. I was in complete stunned silence. I'm really looking forward to next season.

Now, on to Shecky's Girls Night Out. Amazing fun with my favorite person(besides Mikey). It's an event where a bunch of local vendors(unknown) get together to show their products. There was everything from Jewelry, Make-up, lotions, Wine(yum), Clothes and some other misc. stuff. Everything they were selling was on Sale. A purse that apparantly normally is $50.00 I got for $20 smackaroos. AMAZING right? Needless to say I'm gonna be going back next year. The cool thing about it was that I got a gift bag. I hear gift bag and i think "Okay some small samples". Boy did they prove me wrong. There was a bunch of non sample size samples. Two bodywashes, a venus razor, VEET, Lotions galore, Soft Lips.....I could go on with all the endless things I got in that gift bag. I suggest you head on over to their website to check them out and find out if they are holding an event near you.

Now I'm off to check movie times for Shrek:The final chapter. G'night!

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  1. Hey Leslie! I love that show also and am looking forward to next season also. If you like romantic comedies I just saw two movies I really liked: Leap Year and Its Complicated. I love that type of light, funny, romantic movie! Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  2. Thank you for the movie recommendations. They will be put into my netflix queue ASAP:)

  3. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.

    Have a nice day!