Saturday, June 5, 2010

Goodbye to the single digit age...

"The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything: the young know everything.” ~Oscar Wilde~

Mikey turned 9 today. I can't believe 9 years ago today I was giving birth to my handsome little man. I still remember that day as if it were yesterday. I remember my breath literally caught in my throat when I first saw him, the feeling of joy when I first held him and the tears that rolled down my cheek when I kissed him. I felt and still do feel complete. We have our rough patchs here and there with our Mother, Son relationship but as with any healthy relationship it should happen. Can't wait for the joys, trials and tribulations the following years will bring.

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  1. Hey Leslie! Once again happy birthday to Mikey! I hope you two are enjoying a wonderful weekend celebrating together! Everyone has there ups and downs - it is how we all learn and become smarter and stronger! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. Thanks for the Bday wishes:)